Next 30 days

I feel as if God is telling me read scripture every day for 30 days until I have learned something that he is telling me every day. To do this I think that I am going to try and write done what I learn frome each study including today. I am sure that it will not be earth shattering, but my goal is to have read and to be listening to him for a whole month.

I was at Murphy’s deli for lunch. Most of the time if I am by myself I try to take the time to read my Bible. I have had people come and talk, had someone even come and ask if I could just give him a word of encouragement because his wife was leaving him. This particular day (yesterday) I was reading in Isaiah and a man said from accross the room, “If you memorized it, you wouldn’t have to work so hard at it!” He was just teasing me about reading, softheartedly. I found out that he was the Pastor from Cornerstone Baptist Church in Missouri City and he was having lunch with his son (the youth pastor to the church) and their family. We talked for a couple of Minutes and he said that they were getting ready to have a revival November 7-11 and that I was more than welcome to come if I would like.

He also said that I could go and listen to some of the messages on their webstite of the Evangelist speaking. His name is Hal Hightower. I felt like God was trying to tell me something and that I should try and look it up. So I went back to the office and listened to a couple of sermons as I was drawing a couple of projects for work. I listened to “Preventative Maintenance for Maintaining Moral Purity.” The man can definitely preach and do it with conviction. (check out the website:

Pastor Hal used to be a preacher before he was an evangelist. He talked about how they supported a bunch of missionaries and that it was gute often that one would try to get support from his church. So he developed a survey with two questions. 1) How many times in the last thirty days have you read scripture, 2) when was the last time that you witnessed to someone besides at your own church. This was a tell tell sign of whether or not they were commited to the service that they were asking for support for. One guy tried and said that he read the Bible 22 times out of the 30 days and that the last time he witnessed to someone was about two and a half years earlier. Pastor Hal said that it was an easy decision because, if he cannot do it hear then going over seas was not going to change anything or even make him a missionary.

This spoke to me. I am not doing scripture everyday, and that means that I am not spending time with Christ everyday. This is a problem! I believe I was supposed to hear this message so that I would try and fix this in my life. God will speak to me through this, and it is time that I start pursuing the one that loves me more than I can imagine. I need to embrace Him in spirit and truth and he will speak to me.


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