“ONE DAY” by Scott Ward

My wife was reading a poem that I wrote at a time when I was struggling with a particular sin. She thought that I should post it. So here it is:

One Day
One day things will be easier when stuggle goes by
and no temptations of sinning will arrive.
Self control seams so hard some days,
filled with struggle and war on the way.

One day I will fill the task
of listening more to a saviour at last.

One day comes, and one day goes,
and I realize I still have things that no one knows.
Sin beakons at the door, Struggle comes and then the war.

One day I will I survive and draw closer to the LORD,
but until that day, I will stand at judgements door.
Although I have messed up so many times,
I have hope of forgiveness of my many crimes.

One day I will win, this battle that rages from sin and death.
I will overcome and be his guest.

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