My Testimony!

I was seven years old when I first experienced God. I don’t know that I remember too much about it except that there were no tears and no angels around with bright lights and a chorus in the background. I had just made the decision that I was going to follow Christ. At the time I probably was more afraid of going to hell than I was in having a relationship with Christ though, but it was a start on a somewhat long journey to embracing the God I love. 

My mother took me to the Nazarene Church. This was the type of church that if you even started to have a hint of singing during worship you might disrupt what God was doing. Unfortunately He wasn’t doing much, because the church really wasn’t letting Him move in their lives. I did in some way learn how to respect God even in my silence. I was a step closer.

Then we moved to Wyoming. They did not have a Nazarene Church there so we decided to go with my Aunt to an Assembly of God Church. I went from a silent reverent church to a no holds barred (well to a degree) church that scared the behebees out of me. One night a woman decided that God was speaking and spoke in tongues then everyone waited for the Interpretation. I looked up at my mother and told her that that lady was talking funny. In a way I was waiting for the men in White Jackets (You know the ones from the funny farm) were going to bust in and take her away. I was a little creeped out. Fortunately, this is something that happened from time to time and I learned that God could be in everything that we do. I grew stronger and continued on my path to find the path that God had set out for me to do.

It was some time later that I went into the army and found myself pulling away from God. I started to do things that today I look back at and wonder what I was thinking. It was my skeletons that were coming to surface and went down the wrong path for a long time. But eventually God called me back home and gave me a drive to follow him. This time through AMWAY. Yes AMWAY! They told me that if I wanted to grow my business that I would need to find God again. They didn’t care which one, they just thought that it was good practice. I am not doing it anymore but it brought me back to the Church again. 

That is when I met Pastor Bob and Pastor Fowler. Through the love that they showed me and the strength that they possessed they slowly brought me back to see God and learn to embrace him again. I owe much to them for showing me the love that Christ has for me through their actions towards me. 

Now I am married and going to a Baptist Church. Christ has driven me down a path to a destination that only he knows but that I am confident is the right path. I have been a part of the reverent, the raughty, and the rough, and he has always been with me even when I was not with him. He never forsook me. I have now completed a degree in Seminary, and have been looking at the wonderful ways that he has been working in my life and I see evidence all around me of His existence. It is not something that I can prove per say, but some things just cannot be coincidence. He is with me, I can see it in my life. That is another blog for another day. If you want to know him please follow these steps and welcome to the family.


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